About Us

Manufacturer and supplier of leading laboratory testing equipment to Turkey Liya Test, sector of worldwide known and trusted provider as Ankara Lumberjacks 800 m² in Industrial Zone closed area performs its production in 600 m² facility. With its more than 30 experienced and expert personnel, the test systems and test equipment produced for different sectors are exported to more than 50 countries.

Liya Test laboratory testing equipment company has made it a priority to provide high quality products and services with the understanding that prioritizes customer satisfaction in the design and production of material test devices in accordance with international quality standards. Aiming at 100% customer satisfaction with product development and fast after-sales support service, Liya Test applies ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards in all its products.

Liya Test laboratory testing equipment has adopted the principle of providing the best service at every stage without sacrificing quality, being responsible for the expectations of the customers, constantly improving itself, aiming for perfection in all business processes. Liya Test Devices, which are preferred in 15 major universities, have been the preferred brand in many large domestic and international projects.

Mission, Vision and Values

our vision

  • Laboratory Testing Equipment leader in Turkey in the field of production and the first thing is to make friends with customers from the company.

Our Mission

  • Liya Laboratory Testing Equipment; aims to offer its customers the most suitable solutions with superior service and low prices.

Our Values

  • CONFIDENCE Trust is the main foundation of our self. The principle of mutual trust constitutes the main basis of cooperation both within the company and in our relations with our customers, suppliers and investors. Together with our customers, we create special solutions with our customers by keeping mutual trust as a basis. Openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect determine our cooperation with our employees. Our relationships with our investors are based on openness and transparency. We act with an entrepreneurial spirit. In our company, we act with an entrepreneurial spirit, focusing on the essence of the business, act and decide with a fast and decisive manner. We know our customers and the market we are in well. We are never satisfied with what we do without improving processes and doing a top-notch job. We empower our employees with a sense of responsibility and accountability. We delegate responsibility to our employees and set motivating and clear goals. In addition, we place great value on personal and professional competencies. We involve our employees in decision-making processes, ask their opinions and listen to them. Our way of doing business is based on honesty, responsibility and openness.
  • We are aware of our responsibilities towards our shareholders, society and the environment. We stand behind our responsibilities towards our company, our employees and the environment to the end. In addition, we are aware of our social responsibility. We use resources entrusted to us responsibly. We make a positive contribution to the protection of our environment by producing sustainable products and services.
  • We stand behind our words. We act by example and act according to our company values. We are committed to and passionate about our own field of expertise. We set an example by showing motivation, commitment and excellent performance.